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Alabama Records Page serves as a comprehensive resource to make Alabama state records or public information easily accessible. Our mission is to allow anyone to perform an Alabama people search public record request without giving up their personal information or disclosing the reasoning behind the search.

Access Alabama Public Records

To find public information or state records in Alabama, it’s important to know what types of documents you’re seeking (criminal records, court records, vital records, or inmate records) in order to narrow down the appropriate government entity and jurisdiction.

For state records, Alabama’s residents can “Request Public Information” under the Code of Alabama 1975, § 36-12-40, which allows for some public information or state records to be accessed either online, or physically obtained through the Secretary of State – who generally distributes executive documents such as contracts, leases, deeds, writs of arrests, election records, and business records.1

However, there are many more public records that can be found and/or requested through the various government agencies below.

How to Access Alabama Public Criminal Records for Free

Anyone can access criminal records in Alabama one of two ways:

  1. Employers can look up criminal records for prospective employees through ALEA (Alabama’s Law Enforcement Agency) with the ABC (Alabama Background Check System).
  2. The rest of the public can acquire criminal history information through the Application to Review Alabama Criminal History Record Information (CHRI).

Note, that court records found below may also give insight into an individual’s criminal history.

How to Find Public Arrest Records & Active Warrants in Alabama (Free)

Unlike some states, Alabama does not host historical arrest records online, although most individuals’ criminal records will include the arrest records, too. In the case that an Alabama criminal record check does not include arrest records, the interested party can visit their local sheriff’s office or police station to perform an arrest search.

An application to review Alabama warrants and criminal records for free.
Source: Alabama Law Enforcement Agency8

In any case, if the inmate is currently incarcerated, they can be looked up using the Alabama Department of Corrections Inmate Search.2

Warrants in Alabama: Most Alabama county records do not have an online arrest warrant database, so any interested person can either search each county’s website or submit the Application to Review Alabama Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) to check for warrants.3

Alabama Public Court Records

To retrieve court records in Alabama, one must first determine which type of case they’re seeking, which type of court handles the matter, and lastly, if the information is available online.

Limited Jurisdiction Courts: include the following: municipal courts (city ordinance violations), probate courts (wills, estate, and probate), small claims courts (civil cases less than $3,000 – $10,000), district courts (misdemeanors), and juvenile records. Out of Alabama’s sixty-seven counties, there are 41 separate judicial circuits on this level.

General Jurisdiction Courts incorporate all circuit courts within the state and are responsible for settling felony cases, domestic disputes, and civil cases over $10,000.

Appellate Jurisdiction Courts include the Court of Civil Appeals, Court of Criminal Appeals, and the Alabama Supreme Court. ACA (Alabama Appellate Courts) have the power to reverse lower courts’ motions and cases will never originate in these courts.

How Do I Look Up Court Cases & Records in Alabama?

To search Appellate Courts, District Courts (Southern, Northern, or Middle) & Alabama bankruptcy court records, use PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) which charges 10 cents per document, or $2.40 per audio recording.4

To look up criminal records, civil records, small claim records, state traffic records, child support & domestic relations, Alabama’s Administrative Office of Courts uses Alabama’s On-Demand Public Access to Trial Court Records for the public or AlaFile for pro se businesses and pro se individuals (pro se means self-represented).

A screenshot of Alabama's Judicial Website showing the supreme courts decisions and opinions.
Source: Alabama Judicial System9

All of which are official sources, but they do require fees ranging from $9.99 per name or case search, $5.00 for images, and $19.99 – $29.99  for a lifetime tracking of district or circuit cases.

Alabama Supreme Court (ASC) Decisions & Opinions can be found here at no cost.

All three Bankruptcy Courts in Alabama (Northern District of Alabama, Middle District of Alabama, and the Southern District of Alabama use PACER to track Alabama bankruptcy records.

Lien Records can be obtained through the Secretary of State Government Records Inquiry System.

Note, if a court record can’t be found online, it must be retrieved in person at the courthouse it originated or was last held. 

How to Find a List of Sex Offenders in Alabama

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEO) hosts a sex offender registry where users can look up offenders by name, can search their neighborhood’s radius, and even sign up for email alerts about sex offenders within their neighborhood.5

Are Alabama Vital Records Public Record & Online?

Vital records in Alabama, such as marriage and divorce certificates, are unrestricted or publicly available to anyone who can provide an adequate amount of information – such as the name of the couple, date of marriage or divorce, county of marriage or divorce, your name, signature, address and phone number.

In comparison to most states, the lack of restrictions is rather lax and allows marriage and divorce records to be accessed with ease. To give searchers an idea of how many people are divorced within the state, the image below shows every Alabama county and the divorced population within each:

An image showing the map of Alabama divided into counties with 5-year estimates up to 2021 total divorce population data.
Source: The Census Bureau

However, birth certificates and death certificates are sealed confidential records – meaning they can only be released to the individual named on the certificate, their mother, father, legal guardian, husband, wife, son, daughter, sister, brother, or a legal representative of one of the authorized representatives above.

Note, Alabama birth records older than 125 years are unrestricted or open to the public, and death certificates are marked non-confidential and/or unrestricted after 25 years from the date of death.

Information Needed to Access Restricted Birth & Death Certificates

For restricted vital records such as birth and death certificates, certified individuals must provide one primary ID, or two forms of secondary ID seen here.

To find someone’s birth or death certificate, the state will need as much of this information as possible:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth or death
  • County of birth or death
  • Sex
  • Social security number (SSN)
  • Race
  • Name of spouse or parents
  • Your name, signature, and phone number
  • Your relationship with the person for whom you’re requesting the certificate
  • Where the certificate should be mailed

How to Find Vital Records (Birth, Death, Marriage & Divorce Certificates) in Alabama

Birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records & Alabama divorce decrees can be obtained online from VitalChek for $39.50, but they can also be obtained for $15.00 by visiting any county health department in the State of Alabama.

Or if time allows, interested parties can mail in an application to:

Alabama Vital Records – Alabama Department of Public Health
P.O. Box 5625
Montgomery Alabama 36103-5625

A screenshot showing free marriage records and copies of certificates can be obtained through the Alabama Public Health Department.
Source: Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH)6

The ADPH Center of Health Statistics will provide a certified copy of the Certificate or a Failure to Find Certificate and the same process and price should be followed to obtain any vital records in Alabama. Just keep in mind the ID requirements on restricted documents and the information needed to look up a certificate.

Note, if an apostille or exemplified copy of vital records is needed for foreign use, it must be done in person, by telephone, or by mail.6

Alabama Convict Records & Inmate Records

Alabama’s inmate and convict records are publicly available thanks to their open records law. Inmate records generally include the name, gender, date of birth, crime, sentence, mugshot, bail, bond and other trial information.

How to Search for Jail or Prison Inmate & Records in Alabama

Anyone can search for inmates who are currently incarcerated using Alabama’s State Inmate Locator. Inmates may be searched by name using the lookup tool and the database displays the release dates of Alabama inmates, crimes committed, inmate pictures, and their parole status.

The Alabama DOC website where state prisoners can be searched by first and last name.
Source: Alabama Dept of Corrections2

Note, Alabama’s Department of Corrections inmate search tool hosts county jail records, state-operated prisons, and other correctional facilities. However, the database does not contain historical data on those who have been released.

Lastly, the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) has an inmate lookup tool to search prisons nationwide.

How to Visit Inmates in Alabama Jails or Prisons

To visit inmates in an Alabama Correctional Facility, visitors must adhere to the rules within the DOC’s Administrative Regulation AR 303 or their visitation policy, submit the application on the last page of AR 303, and of course, know which prison the inmate is in.7

Applications may take 2 – 6 weeks to be approved and up to eight people can visit at once. If approved, an inmate’s visiting schedule will determine the dates they can be seen.

How to Send Money to Alabama Inmates

The ADOC (Alabama Department of Corrections) uses a third-party service Access Corrections to deposit funds into an inmate’s account. To deposit funds, click the link above, call (866)-314-1884, drop off cash at a Cash Pay Today location or fill out a deposit form and mail the money to:

Secure Deposits — Alabama DOC
PO Box 12486
St. Louis, MO 63132

Money orders have the advantage of no fees, and all other methods have a fee ranging from $2.95  – $9.00 depending on how the funds are deposited and the amount.

Alabama Death Row Inmate List & Execution Records

Alabama permits the death penalty and inmates on death row can be found here.

While those who have already been executed can be located here.


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